Trick or Treat!


Hello parents! What a fun learning- filled week it has been! Here is a look at what has been going on:

On Monday report cards were sent home with both kindergarten and pre k students. Feel free to let me know if you have any need for clarification.  I am so impressed by the skills of your kids. 8/9 students in our class count to 100! That is an end of the year goal! Excited to see how high we will be by the end of the year!

On Monday we read the book The Very Busy Spider. We talked about the parts of a book, the title, and the job of the author and the illustrator. They are catching on very quick!  After reading the story, we spent some time doing a flow map and sequencing the events of the story. Then we made some fun spider hats and crayon-resist spider webs.

I have been discussing “super sentences” with the kindergarteners. These are sentences that have a lot of describing words. Here are a few examples of the kindergarten independent “super sentences”.

On Tuesday we had a fire truck visit us for Fire Prevention month. We have already completed our unit on fire prevention, but it was nice to hear your kids answer the fire man’s questions correctly and confidently! He was impressed with their knowledge of fire safety!

Also on Tuesday, we learned about bats! We read the awesome book Stellaluna.  This is a book about a baby bat who got separated from his mother and learned to be like a bird. We continued to work on sequencing and the kids blew me away with their beginning, middle, and end maps! They were able to accurately retell me the story through pictures in the correct order!

Here are some fun bat puppets we made. The kids got to read a book to their bat when they were finished.

On Wednesday it was a messy day in our classroom. But, in our class, mess=fun! We read a book called Where is my Mummy. We talked about what our “mummies” do for us when we are scared.  The kids wrote sentences about how their mom helps them when they are scared. After their writing, the students got to practice those fine motor skills and rip toilet paper to create their own mummy. They loved it!

And of course we had to make ourselves into mummies!! Thanks to Ms. Leeanne for being willing to help us!

Thursday was party day!! We made all our own decorations, discussed the things we have learned so far this year, made spider handprints, and worked together to get stuff ready for the party! At the party we had toilet paper bowling, Halloween bingo, Halloween photo booth props, tons of treats and gift bags.

This week the Pre K kids learned about the letters Jj and Kk. Here are some of their activities.

This week the kindergarten kiddos have started learning about diagraphs. So far we have learned -sh, -wh, -ch, and
-th.  These kids are doing so great with their blending!

I can not believe October is coming to an end. November is a huge month for us. We will embark on our first PBL project (project based learning) over the story of thanksgiving. Their homework will look a little different this month and will include a few special projects and one homework assignment for mom and dad! Yep, you get homework too;)! Our unit will end with a thanksgiving feast on November 20. Please mark your calendars for this date. We will be performing a little play for all our parents! 

Don’t forget to keep counting with your kiddos! Even if they can count to 100, it is still important to practice. Try counting by 10s or even 5s too!

I want to thank all the parents who helped put together,  set up, carry out, and clean up the party. These are moments those kids will remember!  I’ll be praying for safe and fun trick or treating for your families!

Here are some other random pictures from our week:

I truly love and am blessed by your kids! Thank you for sharing them with me! Have a great weekend!

Halloween Fun Week One


Hey guys!  Sorry about the delayed posting! This weekend was CRAZY at the Elledge house! This is going to be a quick post, but stay tuned this week for a more in depth post about what’s going on and what is coming up!

We started the week off with some skeleton fun! We read “Skeleton Hiccups” and learned all about sequencing a story by talking about beginning middle and end. The kids got to create their own silly skeleton out of q-tips. They also worked on writing skills and describing words by drawing and writing about a skeleton in their journal.

We then moved to some monster learning! We read the books “Shape Monsters” and “Go Away Big Green Monster”. The kids used shapes and their own creative minds to create unique shape monsters! Then to top it off they wrote about them! I was so blown away by their creativity. Every minster was different! We also had some fun blow painting monsters with straws and “feeding” monsters matching letter and sound cards.

Some Itsy Bitsy Spider fun we did!

Here is some other fun learning we did!

Donuts with dad

Fire Safety Week!


We had an awesome week learning all about fire safety! Here is a little peek at our week:

On Monday, we learned the song “The Five Little Firemen” and made this cute craft!

We discussed what a fire fighter does, watched a fun fire safety video, and talked about things that are hot. Here are some of our journal entries about things that are hot. I am so proud of the detail the kids are beginning to use!

We also had a very special visitor. A FIRE FIGHTER!!!!  He came in full gear and took time to explain every piece of gear to the kids. He showed them how to crawl in a fire and gave them pointers on fire safety. The kids were full of curiosity,  questions, and joy!

We did a fire safety scavenger hunt! We went around our whole building and looked for smoke alarms, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, exit signs, fire alarms, and fire hydrants. It was fun searching for each item and discussing what it’s purpose was.

We made smoke alarms and learned a fun smoke alarm song!

The kids became fire fighters for a day!

Meet our class of fire dogs!

We also learned to stop, drop, and roll if our clothes are on fire.

The kids loved doing the crafts that the Decatur Fire Dept. sent us!

Learning about the parts of a whole was made fun with this fire truck snack! We discussed the parts of a fire truck and made a brace map. Then the kids got to create their own firetruck! They had a blast!

Fire fighters put themselves in danger every single day to help our communities.  Our class had a great conversation about all of the ways fire fighters help us. We decided we would like to write and mail thank you letters to our local firemen. The letters will be mailed on Monday to the town of each student’s choice. Some wanted to thank the Decatur fire fighter who visited us, and others wanted to thank fire fighters in their home town. We also took a second to pray for fire men and their safety. I was so impressed with the maturity and thankful hearts these kids possess! 

Now for some fire fun!! We used some chalk and drew 2 huge “fires” on the ground outside. I split the class in half, gave each line a “fire extinguisher”, and the race was ON! It is always funny to see the competitiveness come out! Everyone had fun and everyone was a good sport. Love these kids!

Here are some more thinking maps we made:

On Thursday,  each student received an award for fire safety! These kids learned so much and did an amazing job this week!

Here are a few other things we did this week:

Let’s search for the letter Ii!

Journal writing.. Hh is for ____

Some kindergarten independent sentences! Woot! Woot!

What an awesome week! I continue to be both blessed and blown away by your children! 

What’s coming up?

This week we will be doing some fun “Halloween” themed activities.

Our fall party is on Oct. 30 at 2pm. Chelsea (Jackson’s mom) and Jennifer (Caitlyn’s mom) are in charge of planning and should have everyone’s  phone number. Please let me know if you have any issues, ideas, comments, or anything;)

Donuts for dad is on THURSDAY at 8:00 am.

I am working with a friend on a design for our report card. Should be out soon:)

Keep up the reading folders, the kids are doing AWESOME!

Pre-K Parents: This week your kids will have some homework practicing writing their names.

Kindergarten parents: Your kiddos are doing great with their sentences for homework! Thank you for supporting them!

I think that is it for now! As always, feel free to contact me if you are in need of anything!!

Pumpkin Palooza!


This week has been an amazing pumpkin adventure! Here are a few highlights of our learning!

Day one’s fun included counting the pumpkins, sorting the pumpkins (by size, by shape, by length of stem), describing our pumpkins, and decorating our own pumpkin shaped cookies! We read the story “The littlest Pumpkin” and the kids got to take home their very own book about counting pumpkin seeds! It was a blast!

Logan even went home and made his very own “littlest pumpkin”!

We also learned “Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater” and did this super fun project.

Day two was all about measurement! We talked about measurement words (tall, long, short, little, wide, thin), measure the height of our pumpkins, measured how big around our pumpkins were, and measured how many “pumpkins” tall we were. we compared our measurements and discussed how our pumpkins were alike and different. The kids did so good! I see some mathematicians in our future!

Here was our fun pumpkin pudding snack on Tuesday!

On this day we also investigated what the inside of a pumpkin looked like. We discussed the names of the parts of a pumpkin, cut and scooped out a pumpkin, counted the seeds,  made and labeled our own pumpkins, and read a book about pumpkins.

On day three we learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin and we learned the fun song “Five Little Pumpkins”.

Here is a link to a fun song we learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin:
Do You Know How A Pumpkin Grows?

Here was our fun pumpkin snack:

On Thursday we reviewed all we had learned, made crock pot pumpkin pie (the kids loved this!), and got to paint our pumpkins!

We also read one of my favorite stories! “Spookley the Square Pumpkin” is a story about a pumpkin who was not round like his friends. He was square and different. He was made fun of by his friends and was sad. One day a storm came and Spookley was able to save the day.  We had a great class discussion about how God created us all different and how to respect and appreciate those differences. The kids got to create and write about their own imaginary pumpkins.

On Friday our entire class met at the pumpkin patch! I am so glad everyone could make it! It was so much fun! We will definitely have to plan more Friday trips throughout the year.

And yes I DID kiss a horse! Anything for the kids right?

Here are a few more pumpkin themed learning activities we did this week.

The Pre-k kiddos went on a letter Gg hunt! 

Making letters with play dough.

The learning and growing that is taking place with these kids is amazing to watch! I am so blessed to be here with them to watch it! 

This week we will be taking a break from fall and learning about fire safety. The kids will have an extra homework assignment this week and some special reading books in their folder. It will be an awesome week!

Our Fall Party is coming up in a couple weeks! Mark your calendars for October 30th.

Michele Isbell asked me to share this invite with the class. Looks like it’s going to be a great time!

Keep your eyes out for progress reports this week. I will also do a blog post with what our learning goals were for this six week segment for kindergarten and for Pre-k.

Pre-k parents: It’s never to early to start planning for kindergarten!  Please let me know if you have any questions about our Kindergarten program. Next year it will only be kindergarten kiddos in the class (as opposed to half and half like this year).

I am so in love with this class! And with all their parents! I feel so blessed to be a part of this family! Have a great week!

Fall week two


This week was so fun! The kids are growing, learning, and gaining more confidence every day! Here is a small peek at our week!

We exercised our fine motor skills by ripping paper to create fall trees! The kids got to rip stuff, make a mess, AND use glue… talk about excitement!   😉

We got to work in partners for the first time! The kids worked together to create a picture of how a tree changes through the four reasons. We continued to use the word “research” and they used books to help them. I was so proud of the detail they used and how well they worked together! 

Ok, now here is where I am REALLY going to brag on your kids! Look at their sentences and illustrations! As you can see, our kindergartners are beginning to sound out and spell their own words in sentences. This is such a big step in becoming an awesome writer! It’s important to not over correct your child when they are writing when it comes to spelling. We want them sounding out words, being adventurous, and feeling confident when they are writing. The Pre-K kiddos are working on tracing the letters in a sentences and reading their sentences back to me.

Here are some sentences the kindergarten kiddos wrote in their journals when they learned the letter Pp.

Here are some more snapshots of the kids working.

Thursday was Muffins with Mom. The kids were so proud to have their moms here with them!

Have you seen our News board in our classroom? This is a great place to look for reminders, notes, and calendars. It’s also a great place to hang birthday party invites or anything you would like the class to know about!

This week was full of even more than was pictured! I’ll do better with more pictures next week!

October homework went home.
Pre-K: If your child comfortably knows all of the flashcards, cut them in half and have them work daily to match pictures with their letters.
Kinder: Don’t stress spelling on their sentences. Their sight words should be spelled correctly, but everything else is up to them to sound out! They can do it (and you can help)! The skill we are stressing is sounding out words (which will help with reading).

Continue to ROCK those reading folders! This week there will be a couple of pumpkin themed books coming home that your child may need assistance reading.

This week will be all about PUMPKINS! We are going to have some serious fun learning about pumpkins, measuring pumpkins, eating pumpkin snacks, and much more! Stay tuned for pictures.

Friday is the PUMPKIN PATCH! We will meet at 9 am at Black Creek Pumpkin Patch. We will also being having cupcakes at the pumpkin patch for Logan’s birthday. Cost is 7$ per child and 2$ per adult. Let me know ASAP if you have any questions.

I will be sending home “progress reports” in a couple weeks. These will help you know how your child is progressing so far this year.

Can’t wait for this week! LET THE PUMPKIN FESTIVITIES BEGIN! 🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃