Thanksgiving is Here!!


This week has been a crazy fun filled week! From practicing our play to missing school for a broken sewer, it has been full of suprises! The kids have amazed me with their flexibility and ability to adapt to schedule changes!

For the past couple weeks we have been working on our Thanksgiving PBL (for more info on what PBL is please see last post). This week was all about wrapping up our learning and sharing our new knowledge.  Here is a glimpse of our fun!

One of our driving questions for this PBL was “How does thankfulness effect me?” Throughout the month the kids have been bringing a leaf every day with something that they are thankful for drawn on it. We spent some time this week looking at the things we are thankful for and talking about why it is important to have a thankful heart. I was blown away by these kid’s ability to relate projects in school to their everyday life. One child told me that it is important to not complain about little things and to always look for something to be happy about.  These are 4 and 5 year olds! Such a sweet and fresh perspective.  We ended with talking about what life would be like if we were not thankful for things. This is a final picture of our thankful tree. I don’t know if I will ever be able to take it down!  The things on it range from family,  friends, God, and church to rain, food, and pets. I love their thankful hearts! 


As they learned about the story of Thanksgiving,  the kids made this fun handprint book retelling the events.

Here are some pictures of the kids in their costumes they made. They even got the privilege of having their face painted for their big show. I have never seen 9 kiddos more excited!

The stage was set and ready to go!


Here are a few shots from the actual play.




Here is the video of the play. I am so proud of them! They worked so hard and had very little time to practice. They really took ownership of the story. You may have to turn your volume to hear.

Thanksgiving play

After the play, we had our very own real feast! The decoration and food was so awesome! Thank you SO much for all of the parents who helped make it so awesome. What an awesome way to end our project.







Overall this PBL project was a sucess. The kids learned and had fun doing it. It was a win!

Here are a few other things on my mind this evening:)

No homework over break. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving break. Love on each other and spend some quality time.

When we return from break it will be DECEMBER! Can you believe it??? This will mean new homework and a new project.

During December we will be traveling around the world and learning how Christmas is celebrated in other countries.

We will also spend a lot of time diving into the true meaning of Christmas. We will have a moose named Bruce who will come everyday and teach us something about Christmas (kind of like an Elf on the shelf).

I am trying to put together another “Friday field trip” in December. I am thinking a Christmas tree farm? If you have any other ideas let me know!

After Christmas, I will be hosting a “Kindergarten Night”. This will be a super fun night for all of the four year old parents. I will be answering questions and giving a presentation about the kindergarten program at Grace. I hope to see all of my four year old parents there! ( I’ll even bring snacks;) )

Tips on behavior: This is the time of year when kiddos typically get very comfortable and start pushing the boundaries (at school and home). Don’t be discouraged if your child has a day where they have made some mistakes! Firm, fair, and consistent does more than just ensure that a child knows the expectations,  it also helps a child feel secure and safe. I recently attended the Orange Conference with our church. One of the speakers was giving a presentation on how to have a safe environment for kids. One thing he said was “If a child does not feel safe enough to feel forgiven by you then they will not feel safe enough to feel forgiven by God”.  I don’t know about you, but that kind of stung a bit when I thought about how I parent my personal children! I am so thankful to have your kids in my class for many reasons,  one being that they generally rise and exceed my expectations on all things including behavior.  But rest assured if a behavior issue arises, I will be there along side your child to support them and love them through it!

After Christmas we will also start counting past 100. The kids are READY to go there! I love to see them get so excited about math. They are currently working on counting by 5’s and 10’s to 100.

Kindergarten: We have finished all of the letters and have been working on blends and word endings. These kiddos are doing great! We will really start picking up speed on reading and writing. They will be working on writing multiple sentences at a time over the same topic. They will have some fun homework assignments throughout the month.

Prek- We will finish the alphabet by Christmas. Then after Christmas, our curriculum starts the alphabet over. This time it goes more in depth with each letter and it’s sounds we will begin to work on some blending and rhyming. 

I will be gone one December 2. Please don’t tell your kiddos! I have an awesome sub (who is a retired kindergarten teacher) and the kids are going to do a fun project where they guess where I could be. This is going to be fun to see!

I just love every day that I get to spend with your children. I really am thankful for each and every one of them and their unique personalities. Thank you for blessing me with them! Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I will be available by phone or text throughout the break if you need me:)

Thanksgiving is coming!


Long time no blog! 🙂 I was forced to “unplug” a couple weeks ago when my phone took a turn for the worst and I wasn’t able to blog as usual. Though I do love blogging and re living the awesome learning that goes on each week in our classroom, a little forced break turned out to be a blessing!

We recently started our Thanksgiving  PBL project. The kids are learning so much. PBL is my favorite kind of learning! The kids get to get involved and they learn so much more.  Have questions about what PBL is? Click here!

Our driving questions are “Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving?” And ” How does thankfulness effect me?”  It has been so fun to dive into this with your kids and watch them learn, grow, and “stretch” their brains! Here are a few pictures of some things we have done this week.

The kiddos created brace maps about what their family eats at thanksgiving.

We made some fun candy corn turkeys.

We spent some time learning about the Mayflower. The pilgrims were only allowed to take one bag on board. The kids did some critical thinking by asking themselves the question ” what would I bring and why?” I loved seeing the things they put in their “suitcases” !

More Mayflower fun!

We then spent some time learning about the story of the first Thanksgiving.  We made this fun bracelet to help us remember the story.


We also spent time learning about pilgrims, indians, and their journeys.

What a better way to learn about the first Thanksgiving than to do a Thanksgiving play!! The kids got to choose their character, make their costumes, and are working on making our set and props. We have been working very hard practicing and I am so excited to see them put on the show this week. Don’t miss it on Thursday!  11:30.

One of my FAVORITE things all year is reading the thankful notes parents write to their kids. The looks on these kids faces as I read them these letters telling them how much their parents are thankful for them just about brings a tear every time! Thank you for taking the time to do this!

When talking about Thanksgiving we also have spent time talking about harvest time. Farmer James came and talked to the kids about what it means to be a farmer during harvest time!

I am loving reading the thankful leaves your kids are doing for homework! It is SO awesome watching these kids show their thankful hearts.


Keep your eyes out for more posts this Thursday!   We are continuing to work on our play, creating our own handprint books about the first Thanksgiving,  planning our feast , and a few other things to wrap this PBL project up. I will upload a video of our play after it is over. Can’t wait to share those things with you!