Random Rocks and Random Thoughts


Hello parents! The past couple weeks have been very interesting! We have learned about everything from rocks to technology! Here are a few highlights of some things we have learned:

We recently celebrated MLK day. While a lot of other schools were out for the day, we got to come to school and learn all about why the day is celebrated. We sang some fun songs, watched a video about Martin Luther King Jr., and read a book about the holiday. We had an awesome discussion about how Martin had a dream about changing the world. We discussed how we would change the world if we could. The kids drew pictures to illustrate how they would change the world if they could. This is such a special group of kids that have the ability to think beyond themselves and beyond the walls of our classroom. They will be world changers some day!

wpid-20150119_133826.jpg wpid-20150119_134132.jpg wpid-20150119_134138.jpg wpid-20150119_134336.jpg wpid-20150119_134344.jpg

In science, we have been learning about temperature. The students brainstormed all of the things they could think of that are hot and cold. I was surprised by how many different things they came up with!


Also in science, we have been learning all about ROCKS! We went on a rock hunt, observed and described rocks, sorted rocks, compared rocks, and talked about the many ways that we use rocks in our lives. Here are a few pictures of our rock adventures.

wpid-20150119_135304.jpg wpid-20150119_135313.jpg wpid-20150119_135727.jpg wpid-20150119_135730.jpg wpid-20150119_140356.jpg wpid-20150119_140401.jpg wpid-20150119_140416.jpg wpid-20150119_140410.jpg wpid-20150119_140419.jpg wpid-20150119_142016.jpg wpid-20150119_142112.jpg wpid-20150119_142043.jpg wpid-20150119_142429.jpg wpid-20150119_142458.jpg wpid-20150119_143656.jpg wpid-20150119_143756.jpg

In social studies, we have been learning about technology. The students researched what technology is, compared technology used at home and at school, and learned about ways that technology has made our lives easier.


Because the Pre-K students were learning about the letter Ee, we took the opportunity to read one of my FAVORITE books. Elmer the Elephant is a story about a unique elephant who struggled with being different than his friends. We read the story and discussed how God makes each and every one of use unique. God makes us all different for a reason. He gives each of us special talents, gifts, looks, and personalities to fulfill the purposes he has for our lives. The students spent some time coloring their own elephant and writing about what makes them unique.

wpid-20150122_122328.jpg wpid-20150122_122336.jpg wpid-20150122_122341.jpg wpid-20150122_122346.jpg wpid-20150122_122350.jpg wpid-20150122_122356.jpg wpid-20150122_122403.jpg wpid-20150122_122408.jpg wpid-20150122_122415.jpg

This is the time of year where the kids grow a bit tired of each other and conflicts between students start to rise. To battle this issue our class is taking action. We want to love each other the way Jesus intends us to. We have a jar in our classroom that gets one pom pom when someone is kind or helps a friend. If a student in our class is unfriendly to another student, we lose a pom poml. When we fill up our jar, we will be having an ICE CREAM PARTY!! We are learning that it is not always easy to treat others with kindness, and we will sometimes fail. Words can build up and words can tear down. The students have been doing VERY well with thinking about their approach with each other since we have started using the jar.


This year is zooming by! I am having so much fun learning and exploring with your kids! Kindergarten Night was a big success. I am excited to see so many of our Pre-k kids from our class this year signed up for Kindergarten at Grace! Just by looking at the class list, I can tell that it is going to be a FUN year.

Upcoming things:

Our Valentine party will be Thursday, February 12 at 2 p.m.

The kids will make their own boxes to hold their valentines at home.

I will send home a class list to every parent. It’s great practice to let your child write the names of their friends on the valentines!

Spring Break will be March 9-13

We will be studying animal needs and having a Friday Field Trip to the Gainesville Zoo on March 20.

New Year… New fun!


Hey everyone! Long time no blog;)! Christmas break was such an awesome time to rest, renew, and spend quality time with family. I hope each and every one of you had a blessed break.

Our first week back was a TON of fun! During the second semester, expectations are elevated as we dive deeper into learning. It is so awesome to watch these kids “stretch their brains”.

On our first day back, we talked about new year resolutions and goals.  Each student had the opportunity to say what their goal for the new year was. After brainstorming, we spent some time writing sentences about our goals and making this fun craft.

For the second semester of the year, our kindergarten students will be spending a lot more time writing. They will start each day with a journal entry. I cant wait to see the things that they write about! Also, these kiddos will be starting monthly math journals. these journals will include mostly word problems. So far, they love them and are doing GREAT!

For the second semester in pre-k, we will start over with the alphabet. This time around we focus on writing the letters and reading words that have their sound. we are working on fine-tuning our pencil grip and having control over our pencils when we write. I am SO proud of these kiddos. They will definitely be ready for kindergarten!

In science, we have been studying magnets and how things move. We took some time to explore and compare objects that are magnetic and objects that aren’t . We also explored the different way classroom objects move. These kids are scientists in the making!

Homework will be a little different this month. Because the work at school will be a little more labor intensive, the pre-k kiddos will only have reading folders as homework. Kindergarten kiddos will have reading folders, sight words, and an occasional review worksheet. I will also start traveling book bags this month. These book bags are a super fun way to get the whole family involved with some literacy. If your child brings home a traveling book bag, please try to follow the directions inside as best as you can.

This THURSDAY is KINDERGARTEN NIGHT. I am so excited to spend some time with upcoming kindergarteners and their families. The night will include a tour, a short presentation, and plenty of question and answer time. It will also be a great opportunity to secure your child’s spot for next year if you choose. Spaces for next year’s kindergarten class are limited! Can’t wait to see you there!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I can’t tell you how much I missed your children and enjoyed getting to love on them on our first week back !