Family, Fire Safety, and Field Trip Fun!


Hey everyone! I am WAY behind on my blogging! We’ve done so much learning since my last post, I don’t know where to start!

Right after we finished up our unit on the five senses, we dove right into learning about families. We talked about our families, read books about families, compared and contrasted our families,learned about the needs and wants of our families, and we brainstormed ways that we help our families and the ways they help us. Here are some pictures of a few of the activities that we did:

Family Portraits

How I help my family and how my family gets what they need.

All About My Family Books

We ended the unit by making family trees with our handprints. The kiddos were very excited because this was the first time we have gotten to use paint this year! This is one of my favorite units to do. Every family is so different and yet so filled with the same love. The love you show your kids shines through them every day in my classroom!

After our family unit, we moved on to learning all about fire safety! Here are some pictures of some of our fire learning fun:

We read several books about fire trucks and discussed the parts of a fire truck and what those parts are used for. The students then got to use shapes to create their own fire trucks!

We also had some fun with sequencing by following directions to create this fire truck snack. Each kiddo got their own card with picture directions and had to follow those directions to make their snack. They did a great job!

Here we did a fire safety scavenger hunt! We were on the hunt for exit signs, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinklers, fire hydrants, and smoke detectors. The kids had fun walking around the church and learning about how each one of these things protects us in the event of a fire.

The Paradise Volunteer Fire Dept. came for a visit!

We were also very BLESSED to have a fire fighter come and visit our classroom! Firefighter Paul came and showed the kids all of his gear. He took the time to explain the pieces of his uniform, teach us about stop, drop, and roll, share fire safety tips with us, and answer all of our questions!

We ended our Fire Safety Unit with our first Friday Field Trip to the Decatur Fire Station. This was such a fun trip!

Here we are checking out all the cool trucks!

Here we are searching for victims just like fire fighters. We found and rescued our fire victim!

A few more from the tour..

During our fire safety unit, we also memorized our addresses, phone numbers, and created fire safety plans for our families. I think it is safe to say that all these kids are fire safety experts!

Aside from learning about families and fire safety, we have also covered the letters Uu, Tt, Nn, Kk, Ll, Mm, Pp, Rr, Ss, and Qq. I will do better to get some more pictures during ELA time! These kids are doing so well learning to write, sound out, and use their letters correctly! In math, we are counting to 100 (by ones, fives, and tens), practicing writing our numbers through nine and we are beginning to do some simple addition. This month, the students have had a ton of fun with math centers where they count pumpkin seeds, finish patterns, create pumpkins out of play dough, and match numbers to quantities.

This week, we will have fun learning about pumpkins, skeletons, bats, spiders, and mummies in preparation for our fall/halloween party on Thursday!

Next week starts a new month for us! We will be learning about fall, the first Thanksgiving, thankfulness, and much more! Keep your eyes out for a few special assignments coming in the first couple weeks of November. Mark your calendars for November 19. This is the day of our Thanksgiving party and you will not want to miss it! We will be having a feast and we will be putting on a small play for our families in our classroom.

I am so blessed to have each of your kiddos in my class. They make me laugh, teach me something new, and encourage me daily!