Sneaky “e” and Winter Wildness 


Hi everyone! This past week was so much fun!! Here is a sneak peek into what we learned:

As I’m sure you’ve heard at home, we learned about Mr. Sneaky E! He puts himself at the end of some words and makes the vowel say it’s name. I was very impressed with how well these kiddos caught on to this new skill! By the end of the week they were all blending these words like professionals! 

We’ve also been working really hard to get those diagraphs down. They are doing awesome! 

Since we’ve returned from break, we have been stretching our brains to the max with our journal writing. I love to see how rapidly they are progressing in their writing abilities! First grade here we come! They love getting the opportunity to practice their speaking voices by sharing their journal entries with the class. 


We’ve also been reading some fun Dr. Suess books to help us practice our rhyming skills. These kids are rhyming masters! 

The first week back from break, we spent some time exploring the winter season. What kinds of things do we do in winter? What do we eat? How are our winters different from winters in other places? We read a few awesome winter books and made some fun crafts.

The “January bucket” made an appearance! It is filled with puzzles, QR codes for winter stories, games, write-the-room activities, and TONS of fun! 

After exploring what winter means to us and how it is relevant to our lives, the question was brought up “What do animals do in the winter?”. We spent this past week diving into hibernation, migration, and adaptation.  It turned into one of my favorite weeks of the year! We learned about a bunch of different animals! We huddled like penguins, we explored what it is like to be insulated by blubber, and we ended the week with a research project! Each student got to choose one animal. They did research, wrote about what that animal does in the winter, and used Pinterest to choose a craft that included their animal. I was in love with the level of enthusiasm that was circulating in our classroom on this day and blown away by their projects! 

Here is some PE fun with Mrs. Leeanne!

We also celebrated a very special birthday! Happy birthday Alexis! 

In math we are continuing to focus on addition  and number recognition through 30. This week we are introducing place value. The kids are doing awesome. 

Here is a sneak peek into our bible learning for last week:

We are trucking right along into the year! These kids are progressing beautifully! I’m savoring every week I have left with them!  I’ll leave you tonight with a fun project we did on our first day back from break. We learned about goals and set some goals for the new year! 

Coming soon:

– In February we will have a Friday field trip to a local nursing home. Keep your ears out for exact dates:)

-Our Valentine party will be on Thursday, February 11 at 2:00pm. 

As always, let me know if you need anything! I’m so blessed by each of your kiddos! 

Back from break


Hey everyone! 

I hope y’all have enjoyed your Christmas break. It is so good to get to have some time off and make memories with our families, have a few adventures, and re-charge our spirits for the second semester. 

This year is flying by us! I feel like I blinked twice and the time between Thanksgiving Break and Christmas was gone. 

The second semester of kindergarten is a very exciting time. Your kiddos will become more confident in their abilities, they will begin using higher level thinking, their reading and writing will take off like never before, and they will surprise you everyday with their new skills. The first semester is about building a foundation. Now, we reach for the sky! I couldn’t be more excited to see the things we will accomplish together! First grade, here we come! 

This first week back, we will start out slow. The first couple weeks back to school are a bit of a transition. The kids will be tired and a little out of routine. Don’t worry, they will get back in the groove in no time! 

In ELA,  we will spend the week reviewing the diagraphs we have learned so far. I will add some flash cards to their sight word folder for them to practice. In math, we will pick up right where we left off. We will be focusing on patterns and start counting by 2’s. In science and social studies, we will be starting to learn about Winter. 

I have fixed an Internet issue that has been preventing me from being able to make more frequent blog posts!  So you can look forward to weekly or bi-weekly posts again! 

Some closing thoughts: 

  • As you transition back into your normal nightly homework routine, don’t be surprised if your child has a little bit of difficulty getting it done. It’s okay to ease back into it. Maybe do sight words one night, and read the next. We don’t want them completely frustrated and unmotivated at homework time. Let me know if your child is having issues with their homework, and I’ll do what I can to help.
  • On Thursday, January 14th we will be having our first Kindergarten Night to recruit kiddos for next year’s class. If you know of any upcoming kindergarteners, please pass on the news! Also, if you would like to write a testimonial about the kindergarten program for us to share at this meeting, let me know. Our program grows not because of commercials or advertisements, but because of people willing to share their stories with others:) 

Thank you so much for blessing me with your children! I can not wait to hug each and every one of them on Tuesday! 

Here are some pictures of some things we’ve done in the past few weeks (since I havnt been able to blog about them!).