March Madness! 


Hi everyone! Can you believe March is already almost OVER? And that we only have EIGHT weeks left of school? It’s going by way too fast! Here is a peek into a few of the things we’ve done this month:

Let’s start with my favorite thing of the year… Animal research projects! Each student got to pick an animal from a list (that I create) and research it. We learned about habitats, diets, physical attributes, and much more! The kiddos used books, iPads, QR codes, and thinking maps to conduct their research. After organizing all of their data, they created posters. Each student also got to create a unique item to go with their project. When their protects were completed, the student gave a presentation to the class teaching them about their animal! We wrapped up the unit with a fun Friday Field trip to the Gainsville Zoo! This is my favorite project because the kids get so excited about it! I love to watch them be independent, creative, and for them to take ownership of their learning. Such an awesome group of little learners! 

After Spring Break, we dove right into learning about Easter. We memorized John 3:16 and read several stories about the first Easter. We made resurrection rolls to demonstrate the empty tomb. Most of the kids were already very familiar with the story. It made my heart so happy!


We also read a few fun Easter Bunny stories! We did our first “directed illustration”. The students went step by step with me instructing them on how to draw a bunny. I love the way that they turned out! 


Our Easter party was awesome! Y’all do such a great job of making the parties fun and memorable! They are full of fun and laughter!  My Kara even lost a tooth playing one of the games! 😀 

Here are a few of our journals from Easter week: