Five Senses.. Kindergarten Style


Hi everyone! We have had SO much fun learning about our five senses the last week! I didn’t get as many pictures as I normally would’ve liked to, sorry about that! Here’s a tiny peek at our week:

Sense of sight👁

This was the first sense that we explored. We talked about our eyes and what we used them for. We used our sight words (I, see, a) to make sentences about things we saw in the classroom. We learned how our brain works with our sense of sight. It helps us remember things like the McDonalds logo and the name of our favorite store. To show how our sight helps us with memory, I laid 6 items out on the table. I let the students look at the items for a few seconds and then I put all the items out of sight. They were able to work together to remember all six items! We then took a walk around our classroom, weaving in and out of tables, using our eyes to direct us. Next, we all put on blindfolds and tried the same route, which proved to be much more difficult without our sense of sight to guide us. Our last sight activity also brought our creativity in to play. We read It Looked Like Spilt Milk and went outside to look at the clouds. What do you see in the clouds? A cat? A dragon? A mouse?  When we came back in, we used cotton balls to make our own cloud pictures. Here are some pictures of our sense of sight activities:

Sense of smell 👃

The next sense we explored was our sense of smell. Before class, I prepared cotton balls that had different scents dropped on them. Peppermint, orange, cinnamon, and  lemon. The students used their sense of smell to determine which cotton balls contained which scents. We also spent some time talking about good smells and bad smells. We drew pictures of good smells and bad smells in our interactive journals. We also sang this fun song: Mr. R’s Nose Song. This was the day I failed and didn’t get any pictures:/ 

Sense of touch 🖐

The next sense we explored was our sense of touch. For this sense, I created mystery bags. The kiddos had to reach their hand in and use their sense of touch to guess the item inside. It was so fun! We also learned about textures and brainstormed things that were soft, rough, sticky, smooth, and bumpy. I didn’t do well on pictures this day either. 😉 

Sense of taste 👅

The next sense that we explored was our sense of taste. We read If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and spent some time talking about the things we like to taste. Then we did a taste test! We tasted a pretzel, a Hershey kiss, a lemon slice, and a piece of bittersweet chocolate. After tasting each item, the students recorded their opinions. We talked about how everyone has a different preference when it comes to taste. Some people like things that other people don’t like.  

Sense of hearing 👂

The final sense we explored was or sense of hearing. We read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? and talked about animal sounds. We played this “guess that sound” game: Click here.  After we played the game,  we decided to go on a listening walk to hear what we could hear. We went outside and walked around the whole church listening for sounds. We heard vehicles, leaves rustling, crickets, children playing and much more. When we came back to class, we drew pictures of things we could hear in our interactive journals. 

Learning the senses is not the only thing that has been going down in kindergarten in the last week. In ELA, we learned the letters Bb and Cc. We also wrote in our journals. I am so excited seeing the students grow already as writers! 


We also started RAZ-kids! This reading program is going to be an AMAZING tool this year! In just one week, our class has already read over 90 books collectively! We are keeping a sticker chart in class. For every book that your child listens to, reads, and takes a quiz on, they will receive a sticker. After 10 stickers, they will receive a prize. So far, we are loving using the iPads for reading! 

In math, we’ve continued to build on calendar skills. These include days of the week, months of the year, seasons, and patterns on the calendar. We are also counting to 30. Our goal for September is to be able to count to 30 independently. This week, we will learn to write the numbers 2&3. 

For our bible lessons this week, we will be learning about the story of Adam and Eve. 

Our sight words are for & the. We will also learn about the letters Dd and Ee and learn about the season of Fall. 

Thursday is Muffins With Mom! 
Our first “Friday Field Trip” is coming up soon. October is fire prevention month. We will be doing a unit on fire safety and  planning to meet at Decatur Fire Dept. on Friday, October 14. Stay tuned for more details:) 

We also have our Halloween/Fall party coming up in October on the 27th at 2:00pm.
We are having a ton of fun in kindergarten so far. I am so proud of each of your kiddos! I feel so blessed to spend my days with them❤️

As always, never hesitate to contact me if you have questions, comments, or if you just want to chat!

Sweet dreams, see you in the morning! 😀☀️

Getting in the groove


This week was so much fun! 

In Social Studies, we focused on learning about each other this week. We practiced our names in several ways, talked about likes and dislikes, made self portraits, and made a class book to add to our collection. 

We are really working hard on our names! Learning the letters, comparing name lengths, and practicing proper letter formation and pencil grip.  Here are some of the name projects we did:


We also read Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom! We compared the number of letters in our names and worked on fine motor skills by ripping paper to make coconut trees. We talked about how important it is to work our hand muscles in kindergarten. These little muscles are what will help us become great writers!   Speaking of great writers, we also had our first journal entry this week! 

On Wednesday, we got to practice with water colors! I wrote their names with white crayons before they started painting. They loved watching their names appear as they painted. We have a lot of little talented artists in our class! 

On Thursday, we read I Like Me and talked about the things we like. Then we made self portraits. 

In math this week, we introduced calendar time and a few math centers. We got to play number games on the iPad, build with Legos, explore magnets, and practice counting. Our goal for this month is to be able to say the days of the week, identify and write the numbers 0-4, and count to 30. This week, we will introduce new math centers! 

In Language Arts, we focused on the letter Aa and we introduced literacy boxes. When we learn a new letter, we have three goals

1. Know how to identify the letter (upper and lowercase).

2. Know how to write the letter correctly (upper and lower case).

3. Know what sound the letter makes. 

 Everyday, the kiddos have four boxes to complete during our LA block. The kids have changed the name from boxes to levels😂 Level 1, 2, 3, and 4. During this time, the students work independently. When they finish with one level, they put it in their “super folder” and go to the next level. When all four levels are complete, they bring the folder to me and we review all of their work. During this time I am working in small groups at the teacher table. I was SO proud of this class! Kindergarten is all about learning responsibility, independence, and self control. At this time of day, they have to be able to regulate themselves for the most part and manage their time effectively to get done.  They have done awesome so far! Here are some pictures of a few letter Aa activities they did: 

We also had apples for snack to celebrate learning the letter Aa!

 This week for our bible lesson, we learned about the birth of baby Jeuss. We talked about how we celebrate birthdays and brainstormed what we would need if we were to plan a birthday party for Jesus. We talked about how long people had waited for Jesus to be born and about how hard it can be to wait for things. 

Every Thursday, we will do “Think outside the box Thursday” activities. The kiddos each get a shape and they turn it into something. I love seeing their creative minds working! 


We also had our first TOT class this week! TOTs is an enrichment program that uses basketball drills to teach several developmentally appropriate skills. We feel very blessed and grateful to have been gifted this program for our kindergarten class this year!

  Next week, we will study the letters Bb and Cc. Our sight words will be I, see, & a. We will also spend the week learning about and exploring our five senses. I will also be spending time with beginning of the year assessments. We will look at letter identification, letter sounds, reading level, name writing, number identification,shapes, colors, and counting. 

Kindergarten is a year full of development and growth. You will be amazed at how much your child learns this year. We are also building academic confidence and trying to instill an eagerness and excitement to learn, so we keep things as fun and engaging as possible. 

As always, never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat:) 

Looking forward to another great week! 

First Week Fun


Hey ya’ll! If I had to sum up our first week in one word, it would be AWESOME. What a fun group of kiddos! 
Not one tear was shed on the first day of school! That NEVER happens in kindergarten! They all came in ready to have some fun and learn some new things:) 
On our first day, we started with play dough. One of our first goals this year is to be able to identify, spell, and correctly write our names. What better way to start than with playdough! Here are a few pictures of our playdough names:

Another highlight of the first day was reading Pete the Cat Rocking His School Shoes.  When we got to the last page, we noticed Pete the Cat had left us a note! The note lead us on a wild goose chase (aka tour) of the whole church. Each place we would find had another note from Pete giving us a clue for where to look for him next. We visited the gym, the playground, Ms. Lindee’s office, the first aide room, Ms. Pam’s office and back to our classroom. When we got to or classroom Pete the Cat had left us a goldfish snack! The kids were determined all week to find/trap and even hunt this cat😂. Here are some pictures from our adventure:

We also made some fun “First Day of School” hats! The kiddos are really enjoying the flexible seating options:)

Traci Hencke, Addyson’s mom, made personalized capes for all of the kids to use in our classroom this year! We are going to have specific times in our day where they can do some “super” work with their capes on. 













Here are some of our first day portraits:


Lunch the first day was fun! 


On Wednesday, we read Pete the Cat Loves His White Shoes.  We went over scissor procedures and got to practice some cutting for the first time! 


We also read the story Chrysanthemum by Kevin Henckes (I made a mistake on the authors name on the note home 🙈, I blame first week tiredness..). Every time something unkind was said to Chrysanthemum, we wrinkled our paper hearts.  When the story was over, we flattened out our hearts the best we could. We had a great conversation about how even if we apologize for unkind things, they still leave wrinkles that won’t go away. We introduced honor and talked about the three key components of honor in our classroom. 

1. We treat each other as special.

2. We do more than is expected. 

3. We have a good attitude. 

I was surprised at how quickly the kiddos caught on and the compassion they showed while reading the story. You could tell that the fact that Chrystanthemum was getting made fun of was really bothering them! 



Here we practiced sorting words, sentences, and letters.

The students also enjoyed getting to experience a few of our centers including the teacher table, where we practiced our names. 


On Thursday, we discovered that Pete the Cat had snuck into our room while we were gone! Sneaky cat! 

After our fun snack, we voted on our favorite Pete the Cat book and made a class graph. 


Then we got to practice reading some sentences and made our very own Pete the Cats! 

Next week, we will move into learning our normal schedule. We will have our first sight words, continue to practice our names, have our first memory verse, continue to learn about each other, start math and literacy centers, and we will learn all about the letter Aa. 

I feel so blessed to teach your kids! Please never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! 

Have a great weekend! 

Here are a few more fun pictures: 



A Brand New Year


Hey Parents!

Our classroom is ready to go! Tomorrow twelve new kiddos will walk into the room filled with excitement and nerves. They will come as mostly strangers and leave as family. I couldn’t be more excited to start this new year.

In this post I am going to go through some routines and procedures that make up my classroom community. I typically send this home in a “handbook” form, but this year I decided to do it through my blog to get you acquainted with how to use it. I will be using this blog at least bi-weekly to give you a window into our everyday classroom life and learning.

Here it goes!


In our classroom we use the biblical principle of honor as a model for our behavior. The three aspects of honor that we will learn are:

  1. Treat other people as special.
  2. Do more than what is expected.
  3. Have a good attitude.

Throughout the year, we will be learning about honor together and helping each other be the best that we can be. Kindergarten is a transitional point in a child’s school career and I strive to create a developmentally appropriate environment where your child can adjust to the new expectations that they face. In our classroom, every day is a new day. If a problem arises with your child’s behavior, we will work together as a team to sort it out and find solutions. I will never discuss your child’s behavior at drop off or pick up for a number of reasons. I do not ever want to “shame” your child or breach confidentiality by discussing things in front of other parents. If there was a problem during our day, you will see a note in your child’s binder to give me a call. Ultimately, I want you to know that we are on the same team. Together, we can create an environment in which your child will thrive.


Every night (Mon- Wed)  your child will-

  • practice sight words
  • read
  • practice memory verse

*There will occasionally be a special homework assignment sent home*

Homework should never be frustrating and should never take longer than 15 minutes. It should be a fun, light hearted time where your child shows you the things that they have learned in school. Please let me know if this ever becomes an issue.

We will test on sight words and memory verses every Thursday.


Inside your child’s binder you will find a planner. Please check and sign this planner daily. All upcoming events, homework, reminders, behavior praises or concerns, and other communications will be made using this planner.

Our schedule:

A copy of our schedule was sent home on Meet-The-Teacher and will also be posted in our classroom. Please let me know if you have scheduling questions.


Ms. Jennifer will be in our rooms all day on Mondays and Wednesdays. We will also have Ms. Leeanne in our room to help for one hour every afternoon.

Flexible Seating:

As you probably noticed, our classroom seating is a little non traditional. This year, I have implemented flexible seating. Research shows that students maintain focus better and have over all better achievement with this seating option. Keeps those bodies busy so that their little minds can focus:)

Friday Field Trips:

Throughout the year, our class will be having a few “Friday Field Trips”. These are themed trips that go along with things we have been learning in class. Any time that we can extend our learning outside of the walls of our classroom it is a win. Those who can, meet up at the location. Every parent is responsible for their own child. In years past we have gone to the pumpkin patch, nursing home, zoo, and local fire department.


We will have several parties throughout the year.

  • Halloween/fall
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Valentines
  • Easter
  • Field Day
  • Last day

It takes a lot of volunteers to make parties happen! Please let me know if your are interested in helping with parties.


My classroom has an open door and I love volunteers. We have already had a few moms sign up for different months to help out in our room. If you haven’t had the chance to sign up, or you want to be more involved, let me know. There is always something for you do to! 🙂


This year is going to be amazing! I want you to know that I am praying for your family tonight. Also, I want you to know that GraceKids is a ministry. I may call upon you for prayer this year, and I would be honored to pray with your family over struggles as well. My door is always open if you need to talk about things in your life.  School or non school related.

Never hesitate to contact me for anything!


Have a good night! Tomorrow is the day for KINDERGARTEN!