Getting in the groove


This week was so much fun! 

In Social Studies, we focused on learning about each other this week. We practiced our names in several ways, talked about likes and dislikes, made self portraits, and made a class book to add to our collection. 

We are really working hard on our names! Learning the letters, comparing name lengths, and practicing proper letter formation and pencil grip.  Here are some of the name projects we did:


We also read Chicka-Chicka-Boom-Boom! We compared the number of letters in our names and worked on fine motor skills by ripping paper to make coconut trees. We talked about how important it is to work our hand muscles in kindergarten. These little muscles are what will help us become great writers!   Speaking of great writers, we also had our first journal entry this week! 

On Wednesday, we got to practice with water colors! I wrote their names with white crayons before they started painting. They loved watching their names appear as they painted. We have a lot of little talented artists in our class! 

On Thursday, we read I Like Me and talked about the things we like. Then we made self portraits. 

In math this week, we introduced calendar time and a few math centers. We got to play number games on the iPad, build with Legos, explore magnets, and practice counting. Our goal for this month is to be able to say the days of the week, identify and write the numbers 0-4, and count to 30. This week, we will introduce new math centers! 

In Language Arts, we focused on the letter Aa and we introduced literacy boxes. When we learn a new letter, we have three goals

1. Know how to identify the letter (upper and lowercase).

2. Know how to write the letter correctly (upper and lower case).

3. Know what sound the letter makes. 

 Everyday, the kiddos have four boxes to complete during our LA block. The kids have changed the name from boxes to levels😂 Level 1, 2, 3, and 4. During this time, the students work independently. When they finish with one level, they put it in their “super folder” and go to the next level. When all four levels are complete, they bring the folder to me and we review all of their work. During this time I am working in small groups at the teacher table. I was SO proud of this class! Kindergarten is all about learning responsibility, independence, and self control. At this time of day, they have to be able to regulate themselves for the most part and manage their time effectively to get done.  They have done awesome so far! Here are some pictures of a few letter Aa activities they did: 

We also had apples for snack to celebrate learning the letter Aa!

 This week for our bible lesson, we learned about the birth of baby Jeuss. We talked about how we celebrate birthdays and brainstormed what we would need if we were to plan a birthday party for Jesus. We talked about how long people had waited for Jesus to be born and about how hard it can be to wait for things. 

Every Thursday, we will do “Think outside the box Thursday” activities. The kiddos each get a shape and they turn it into something. I love seeing their creative minds working! 


We also had our first TOT class this week! TOTs is an enrichment program that uses basketball drills to teach several developmentally appropriate skills. We feel very blessed and grateful to have been gifted this program for our kindergarten class this year!

  Next week, we will study the letters Bb and Cc. Our sight words will be I, see, & a. We will also spend the week learning about and exploring our five senses. I will also be spending time with beginning of the year assessments. We will look at letter identification, letter sounds, reading level, name writing, number identification,shapes, colors, and counting. 

Kindergarten is a year full of development and growth. You will be amazed at how much your child learns this year. We are also building academic confidence and trying to instill an eagerness and excitement to learn, so we keep things as fun and engaging as possible. 

As always, never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat:) 

Looking forward to another great week! 

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