Five Senses.. Kindergarten Style


Hi everyone! We have had SO much fun learning about our five senses the last week! I didn’t get as many pictures as I normally would’ve liked to, sorry about that! Here’s a tiny peek at our week:

Sense of sight👁

This was the first sense that we explored. We talked about our eyes and what we used them for. We used our sight words (I, see, a) to make sentences about things we saw in the classroom. We learned how our brain works with our sense of sight. It helps us remember things like the McDonalds logo and the name of our favorite store. To show how our sight helps us with memory, I laid 6 items out on the table. I let the students look at the items for a few seconds and then I put all the items out of sight. They were able to work together to remember all six items! We then took a walk around our classroom, weaving in and out of tables, using our eyes to direct us. Next, we all put on blindfolds and tried the same route, which proved to be much more difficult without our sense of sight to guide us. Our last sight activity also brought our creativity in to play. We read It Looked Like Spilt Milk and went outside to look at the clouds. What do you see in the clouds? A cat? A dragon? A mouse?  When we came back in, we used cotton balls to make our own cloud pictures. Here are some pictures of our sense of sight activities:

Sense of smell 👃

The next sense we explored was our sense of smell. Before class, I prepared cotton balls that had different scents dropped on them. Peppermint, orange, cinnamon, and  lemon. The students used their sense of smell to determine which cotton balls contained which scents. We also spent some time talking about good smells and bad smells. We drew pictures of good smells and bad smells in our interactive journals. We also sang this fun song: Mr. R’s Nose Song. This was the day I failed and didn’t get any pictures:/ 

Sense of touch 🖐

The next sense we explored was our sense of touch. For this sense, I created mystery bags. The kiddos had to reach their hand in and use their sense of touch to guess the item inside. It was so fun! We also learned about textures and brainstormed things that were soft, rough, sticky, smooth, and bumpy. I didn’t do well on pictures this day either. 😉 

Sense of taste 👅

The next sense that we explored was our sense of taste. We read If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and spent some time talking about the things we like to taste. Then we did a taste test! We tasted a pretzel, a Hershey kiss, a lemon slice, and a piece of bittersweet chocolate. After tasting each item, the students recorded their opinions. We talked about how everyone has a different preference when it comes to taste. Some people like things that other people don’t like.  

Sense of hearing 👂

The final sense we explored was or sense of hearing. We read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? and talked about animal sounds. We played this “guess that sound” game: Click here.  After we played the game,  we decided to go on a listening walk to hear what we could hear. We went outside and walked around the whole church listening for sounds. We heard vehicles, leaves rustling, crickets, children playing and much more. When we came back to class, we drew pictures of things we could hear in our interactive journals. 

Learning the senses is not the only thing that has been going down in kindergarten in the last week. In ELA, we learned the letters Bb and Cc. We also wrote in our journals. I am so excited seeing the students grow already as writers! 


We also started RAZ-kids! This reading program is going to be an AMAZING tool this year! In just one week, our class has already read over 90 books collectively! We are keeping a sticker chart in class. For every book that your child listens to, reads, and takes a quiz on, they will receive a sticker. After 10 stickers, they will receive a prize. So far, we are loving using the iPads for reading! 

In math, we’ve continued to build on calendar skills. These include days of the week, months of the year, seasons, and patterns on the calendar. We are also counting to 30. Our goal for September is to be able to count to 30 independently. This week, we will learn to write the numbers 2&3. 

For our bible lessons this week, we will be learning about the story of Adam and Eve. 

Our sight words are for & the. We will also learn about the letters Dd and Ee and learn about the season of Fall. 

Thursday is Muffins With Mom! 
Our first “Friday Field Trip” is coming up soon. October is fire prevention month. We will be doing a unit on fire safety and  planning to meet at Decatur Fire Dept. on Friday, October 14. Stay tuned for more details:) 

We also have our Halloween/Fall party coming up in October on the 27th at 2:00pm.
We are having a ton of fun in kindergarten so far. I am so proud of each of your kiddos! I feel so blessed to spend my days with them❤️

As always, never hesitate to contact me if you have questions, comments, or if you just want to chat!

Sweet dreams, see you in the morning! 😀☀️

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