II’m a Little Pumpkin Orange and Round 


Hey guys! We had such a FUN week Exploring pumpkins! October is my favorite🎃🚒❤️! 

On Monday, we made observations about the outside of our pumpkin. We have been learning about describing words and we put that knowledge to good use by making a bubble map about our pumpkin. We  estimated the number of lines on our pumpkin and then counted them. Our last activity this day involved creating a brace map with the parts of our pumpkin and then labeling a pumpkin. 

On Tuesday, we opened our pumpkin up and explored the inside! We created a bubble map with describing words about the inside of the pumpkin and estimated the number of seeds. We also made a jack-lantern volcano! 

On Wednesday, we had a pumpkin investigation! We measured our pumpkins with a measuring tape, a scale, and linking cubes. Then we did some descriptive writing about our pumpkins. I was so proud of their writing! It’s so awesome to watch them learn and grow! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds. 

On Thursday, we learned about the lifecycle of a pumpkin. We made a flow map and learned about each stage in the cycle. We also made pumpkin cake in the crockpot! This was a great activity to teach about sequences and parts of a whole.  

In ELA this week, we learned about the letter Ii and Jj. The students are getting so good at making their circle maps on each letter! As their independence and academic confidence is growing, many of them are stepping out of the box and adding words that we didn’t talk about in class. We are also practicing rhyming and blending daily. 

In math, we learned about the numbers 4 and 5, measurement, and we continued to build on our calendars skills . 

This Thursday is our first class party! Hope to see everyone there:)
I love learning and laughing with this class. I am blessed by each of you. As always, don’t hesitate to get with me if you have a question, concern, or even if you just want to chat❤️ See y’all tomorrow! 

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