January Fun


Hi everyone! Can you believe that January has already passed us by and we are in February?! This year is seriously flying by. But, you know what they say; “Time flies when you’re having fun”!

Let’s recap some of the learning we did in January!

We started 2017 off by learning about goals and resolutions. We discussed things that we want to do better this year. I loved hearing the goals that these kiddos set. Super awesome and attainable. Very proud of them!

Even though the weather feels more like Spring, we spent some time exploring winter. Since Mother Nature didn’t cooperate with us, we used science to create our own snow right in our classroom! The “experiment table”  is the favorite place of all of the students. Every day they ask if we will do an experiment. It is so much fun learning and exploring with them!

One of my favorite winter books of all time is “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. We practiced our sequencing skills by retelling the story and then the students got to pretend they had their own magic mitten. They drew illustrations and wrote about wha their mitten could hold.

Another winter favorite is “Tacky the Penguin” by Helen Lester. This is a fun story about a penguin who was different than all of the other penguins. At first his differences seemed to be a hinderance, but in the end his differences saved all of the other penguins from danger. We had an awesome discussion about how God created each of us differently and with a purpose. Then, the students got to create a new “Tacky” shirt for their penguin. I Love watching them grow as artists!

Here we are, wishing for snow again! Instead, we made a snow storm in a jar.

Even if it did snow here, it wouldn’t last long! We read “Sneezy the Snowman” and brainstormed what different things could cause a snowman to melt. Then, the kiddos got to create their own melted snowmen and write about them.Their reasons were awesome!

As you know, we have journal time every morning. After we are finished writing in our journals and illustrating our writing, we spend some time every day sharing what we’ve done. Each student gets to sit in the “author’s chair” and read their journal out loud. We practice using our speaking voices while the rest of the class practices being a good audience. The students love to share the fun things that they write about. I couldn’t be more proud of how these kids are beginning to “stretch their brains” and sound out words on their own more confidently when writing.

We’ve been learning all about different word families in ELA time. We’ve already learned the at, it, ip, op, an, am, ap, in, un and ed families. Learning these word families is so great for their development as readers and writers. It helps with blending, rhyming, creating connections, and building academic confidence.

In math, we’ve been learning about measurement! Length, weight, capacity, and height. The students have been working really hard to use their math vocabulary!

We are also counting to 100 by 1s, 10s, and 5’s. Our goal is to be able to do all three independently by spring break!  

This week, we are creating sums to ten and will begin with simple addition. We will also continue to practice writing and identifying numbers 11-20.

We were out of school to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., so we spent some time the next day learning all about his life and dreams. We had an amazing discussion about how we would like to change the world. I was blown away by some of their answers. In a world of chaos, media, and constant negativity, I couldn’t be more hopeful for our future. These kids will be world changers!

One week in January, the students spent their journal time writing stories, adding a sentence each day. They came out so great! They are budding authors! We’ve been learning all about the job of an author and an illustrator, along with the different elements of a story. This year, for Art Show (in April), our class will be publishing an actual hardback book! The kids are so excited!

Also in science this month, we discussed night, day,  objects in the sky, what animals do in winter, and rocks. Science is their jam! I love watching them get excited about their learning and make connections across subjects. I heard a lot of measurement words going around as we were comparing rocks!

What is coming next?

February is a month that is chalk full of FUN! This month we will cover groundhog day, Valentines Day, we will do a love-share project, dental health, and we will learn about presidents of the past. Stay tuned for another blog post at the end of this month!

Note from Lindee- Please make sure you have paid the January registration fee for this semester. The price for kindergarten is $100.

Love Share Project- As you know, our class has adopted The Hills Nursing Home in Decatur and will be hand making valentines for all 63 residents. We will also be filling 63 oh-snap bins from thirty-one bags with goodies! Thank you SO much to everyone who donated so that our class could love on these people. This week, as we prepare our valentines we will be learning all about love. What does God say about love? How did Jesus show love? What do we love? How should we love? It is going to be amazing!

Valentines Party- We are having an ice cream party! All topping/ingredients are being provided by the mommas planning the party this go round. Also, we will not be making valentines boxes at home! We will be decorating bags at school instead to put our valentines in. 🙂 The party will be on Valentines Day at 2:00 in our classroom. It is going to be so much fun!

No school on President’s Day- Would you look at that, I get my birthday off this year! 😉 Hope y’all enjoy a long weekend together as a family!

Spring Break is next month- March 13th through March 17th.  We will also celebrate our 100th day of school in March! That is going to be a FUN day!

Please make sure that you are still reading together each night. This is an excellent chance for your child to show you the skills they are learning at school. We will be doing reading assessments and potentially leveling up next week:)

As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat, feel free to get in touch! Thank you for not only blessing me with your kids, but also for being awesome parents! That is a blessing in itself! Have a great night!